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Desivape E-liquid review by Samarth | Exclusive discount coupon inside

This is my review of Desivape line by Esutta. The blender goes by the name of Archit Kumar. In today’s review we will talk about 6 liquids from Desivape. Here’s a list of the liquids :

1) Strawberry Cereal

2) Strawberry Milkshake

3) Tobacco Magic

4) Tribeca

5) TNT

6) Breakfast

The Packaging

The liquids come in a 10 mL plastic bottle with a child-proof cap which is decent, nothing much to talk about. The liquids and a bunch of other stuff were sent in a very sturdy branded box but no extra padding was present for the liquids. Some of the bottles had a printed wrapper around it and a few had just a hand written names. I was also sent a pair of clapton coils.

Note: 4 of these liquids were purchased and 2 were samples sent by the company.

Strawberry Cereal(Max VG, 3 mg)

This was presented to me as a recipe formed due to a mistake made by the blender. The blender was preparing a normal fruity cereal e-liquid when he decided to go all out on strawberry and guess what he has done a pretty awesome job at it.

The strawberry jumps out into your nose as soon as you open it and I managed to catch a few milky notes here and there.

First impression: Okay here we go. I used the clapton to try this e-liquid out and I have to say, it justifies it’s name. A perfect strawberry dominating cereal vape and a very smooth vape.

Taste on a fresh palate: Well this is when you are most likely to enjoy vaping this beauty. Cereal notes and milk notes with the perfect amount of strawberry, the perfect morning vape.

Changes observed when vaped on a clapton coil: A very significant change observed here was the strawberry notes dominated completely and it was just plain strawberry. Still a nice and pleasant vape.

Does it taste like the flavor profile?

Yes it certainly does justice to the flavor profile.

Is it an all day vape?

Without a doubt. I vaped all of this in a very short time, that’s how much I loved this e-liquid.

My rating : 4.5/5

Strawberry Milkshake(Max VG, 3 mg)

The blender promotes this e-liquid as an exact clone to OHW Milkman e-liquid. I personally have never tried the milkman so this is in no way a comparison of the two.

The e-liquid has a very strange smell of strawberry which is pleasant.

First impression: This is how I would enjoy my strawberry milkshake if I were a diabetic patient. Nice milk and strawberry notes but still flavor feels very muted. Still a smooth strawberry vape.

Taste on a fresh palate: Not much changes observed only that the muted flavors tasted fresh. The taste did not change significantly even when vaped on a clapton coil.

Does it taste anything like the flavor profile?

Sadly the lack of sweetener stopped the liquid from tasting as mentioned in the profile.

Is it an all day vape?

At this very moment, I would not consider this an all day vape but the blender has promised he will send me another sample from a fresh batch, but till then I would say it needs improvement.

My rating: 3.5/5

Tobacco magic(Max VG, 3 mg)

The flavor profile was presented to me as chocolate custard with tobacco. A pretty dark colored e-liquid, was pretty scary at first.

The e-liquid had a very strong tobacco smell. The tobacco smell may have masked out the chocolate smell.

First impression: A funny thing to notice here was that I tasted neither tobacco nor chocolate custard, but I tasted a very good coffee flavor though.

Taste on a fresh palate: Well it did not change and continued to be the same but only this time it was sweeter and tasted more like hot chocolate. No significant changes were observed when I vaped it on a clapton coil.

Does it taste anything like the flavor profile?

Nope, not even close.

Is it an all day vape?

Surprisingly it does not taste very bad, I mean its still a pleasant vape and yeah I would vape it all day.

My rating: 2.5/5

Tribeca(50:50, 3 mg)

The profile stated it contained tobacco and caramel as the base notes. Nothing much was said about this liquid by the blender as he said he had never tried it as he hated tobacco liquids.

This liquid smells like freshly prepared caramel popcorn to be honest. Certainly expected a dominance of caramel but then it was pretty well balanced.

First impression: Simply WOW! The tobacco is blended so well with the caramel that its simply irresistible. It has a pretty decent after taste but it’s a caramel after taste and the vapor exhaled has a pleasant tobacco aroma.

Taste on a fresh palate: It is a bliss to vape this on a fresh palate as it gives you some nice notes of tobacco backed by caramel as an after taste. A perfect coffee vape.

Does it taste anything like the flavor profile?

Yes it certainly does taste like the description given by the blender.

Is it an All day vape?

Yes, for me it’s an all day vape. I can survive a complete trip while carrying only this liquid, it’s that good.

My rating: 4/5

TNT(6 mg, Max VG)

TNT is the most confusing yet a nicely blended e-liquid. The liquid is said to contain coconut, almonds, vanilla, bourbon and red oak. All of these have been blended so well that every time you vape this e-liquid there is some surprise waiting for you.

The liquid has a weird coconut and a slight woody smell. Upon steeping it for a week the woody smell had increased.

First impression: I tasted them as soon as I got them only to realize it had to be steeped for some more time, as the liquid was harsh. After steeping it for a week it was a brilliantly blended liquid.

Taste on a fresh palate: On a fresh palate it certainly is a refreshing coconut and almonds with red oak. The throat hit was pretty good. The only complaint here is that the liquids have a slight peppery taste to it which is not so pleasant but it is masked behind the throat hit it provides. A perfect vape to have along with a cup of coffee I would say.

Does it taste anything like the flavor profile?

Yes certainly, the vanilla notes and bourbon notes are the ones that surprise you every time. It tastes very similar to the blender’s description.

Is it an all day vape?

Personally I find it best to vape this liquid along with a cup of coffee. So no, it’s not an ADV.

My rating: 3.75/5

Breakfast(6 mg, Max VG)

This was one of the most hyped liquids on the website. To be frank I bought these just because of the hype and nothing else. The flavor profile says this e-juice is a blend of Banana bread, cream and vanilla. Same thing that happened with TNT happened to breakfast, these needed steeping. I steeped it 2 weeks before I started testing it.

First impression: Banana bread and cream were very dominant in the e-liquid with vanilla being the one to reduce the sweetness. A very balanced flavor with an amazing taste.

Taste on a fresh palate: It tasted like a freshly baked banana bread with lots of cream which is the best thing to vape in the morning. This liquid too had a slight peppery taste to it. A very sharp throat hit with this e-liquid.

Does it taste anything like the flavor profile?

Yes, definitely. This liquid matches the description provided by the blender.

Is it an all day vape?

No, after a while of vaping this e-liquid the banana taste seems a little harsh, but a perfect breakfast vape.

My rating: 3.75/5

Let’s talk about the price point. After applying the discount coupon provided below the costs turn out to be 600 rs for 30 mL of e-liquid. It’s an affordable e-liquid and sample packs are also available with the blender. My first package took almost 2 weeks to reach me but it was rectified by the company and my next package reached me the very next working day. The only complaint here is that some of the juices were not steeped as they arrived. The blender is also a very polite person to speak to and will help you out with any issues very patiently. These liquids can be purchased from Esutta or one can alternatively call/message to +91-9999248833(Archit Kumar). Also if you are a fan of complex coil builds be sure to check out some amazing coils varying from simple claptons to staggered coils on Esutta.

You can even use an exclusive coupon provided below for some discounts.

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* Each bottle contains 30 mL of e-liquid.

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  • Vivek
    April 24, 2017

    My order has been hold for more than a week despite being paid for. Sent them a few messages on their website
    and no response. Really disappointed !!

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