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E-liquid Review: Alchemy Vaping Company | Discount coupon inside

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Hi Folks,

It’s been a bad summer this year as our country is suffering from drought and extreme heat. May god vape some rain clouds 🙂

Today we are going to review the e-liquids from a company which nobody heard of a week back. This company is Alchemy Vaping Company.


Over the last weekend, I got this pack of 4 juices from the company for the purpose of this review. The packaging was brilliant. Every bottle was nicely packed in its own box and a professional label of the flavor was nicely pasted on the bottle.


I was really impressed when I found that bottle label and even the sleeve has some important safety precautions like “keep away from children”, “diacetyl free” and many more, which shows that company has operated in a planned and professional manner.


Alchemy Vaping Company has really set some professional standards when it comes to presentation of the eliquids. Would love to see the same from our upcoming eliquid vendors.

Did I like the e-liquids as much as I liked the packaging? Let’s dive inside and see it.

The 4 flavors from the company are as follows:

Fool’s breakfast:

Why I love morning vape session? It’s just coz when you vape first thing in the morning, you get the best taste out of any liquid.  For me, morning vapes needs to be special as breakfast vapes have always been my weakness J.

Fools’ breakfast is a creamy cereal based vape with a dash of berry crunch and I could taste some rice crunch too. When I say creamy, it is really creamy, smooth and subtle. To be honest this flavor profile is nothing like I have not vaped before but this version is….. mmmm… delicious. I really loved the creaminess and smoothness of this flavor.  This is the best version of cereal based eliquid I have ever vaped.

There are several companies who are offering the same eliquid under different names like Tiffany from Anarchist or Looper from Artiface Vape but if you want to try the best one, Fool’s breakfast is your pick. The more you vape on it, the more craving it develops. The entire 30ml bottle was flushed down in like 2 days. Truly an All-day Vape.

Rating: 5/5

Dragon’s Blood:

Where do I start with this? Seems like I am eating two of my favorite fruits simultaneously. Dragon’s blood is a basket full of sweet fruits.  Smooth Watermelon on inhale and sweet strawberry on exhale. Guess a little coconut is there too but not very sure. Not truly coconut, simply the creamy effect of a real coconut along with a deep flavor.

I cannot detect anything spicy from this juice.  In fact, the throat hit from Dragon’s Blood is smooth and subdued.

This juice would pair well with most fruity or refreshing beverages. Beer lovers should try it with mild Budwiser.

A wonderful and definitely an ADV for any fruit lover.

Rating: 4.5/5

Silver Horn:

To be honest with you guys. I am really not a big fan of tobacco and coffee. However, this tobacco flavor is not what most of the traditional flavors tastes like. This one is a creamy tobacco blended with Vanilla. A subtly sweet Tobacco with a good throat hit. Nice sweet Tobacco on inhale and creamy vanilla on exhale. Something new in Indian vaping community. Must try!

Rating: 3.9/5

Pirate’s Gum:

This flavor really took me a couple of years back where I used to eat those Wrigley’s double mint chewing gum. Pirate’s gum tastes like a spearmint chewing gum. However, I really think some menthol would have been made it little better. I really did not get any cool minty feeling in my mouth or throat which I was expecting from this flavor. Which was kind of a disappointment.

I have tried several bubblegum flavors based on banana, strawberry, apple etc but when it comes to this flavor, it is kind of unique in the Indian vaping community. The flavors are really sharp and clear. The first and last notes are of mint and the gum flavor is sleeping in the middle of these two notes just makes it really unique blend.

Its really good to have one of your tank filled with this juice so that you can switch it in between fruit flavors and avoid vaper’s tongue.

Rating: 3.5/5


The 15ml bottle is RS.750/-
The 30ml bottles is RS. 1150/-

Social media links are:

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Overall verdict:

Though I loved all the 4 flavors sent by the company. The eliquids were smooth, full of flavors and the packaging was out of the world. However, when it comes to pricing, I really think that company has to look into it once again. Considering India is a very small market and there are several vendors coming up in next couple of months, this pricing needs to be really competitive. I understand that this company has spent a lot of money and resources to provide us best of the experience in packaging as well as eliquid but Rs 850 for a 15ml bottle sounds little higher. Also, I request company to roll-out a budgeted line eliquid for many of our Desivapers who probably would not be able to procure your premium line juices but can at least try some lower range juices which would not hit hard on their pockets.

I wish good luck to Alchemy Vaping Company and would love to see some more premium juices from their kitchen.

3 Responses
  • Abhi
    April 26, 2016

    Hey bro,
    Thnx for the reviews and this blog. its great to have a community starting out in india.
    I checked out Alchemy vaping’s website and just wanted to correct you on the pricing – it is 850 and 1250 respectively for the 15ml and 30ml.
    RANT ALERT – i find it a shame for new juice makers to not offer smaller sizes as a sample pack – im not prepared to shell out 850 on a juice just to find out i dont like it. how bout 5ml samplers just to get us introduced to the product first.

  • Samrat
    May 17, 2016

    Very nice and balanced review Mad max. As with the locally made juices, we need Indian reviewers too. More power to you.

  • desidripper
    May 18, 2016

    I got the fool’s breakfast 6mg nic. MUST say, have to let it steep for a week. I asked them initially and they confirmed that all their stuff is pre-steeped. I wouldn’t recommend that. Week one was awful. Confusing flavor profile. Too much cakey/graham cracker taste. Week 2 feels okay after things are settled in and the cream and strawberry notes are deep and the cakey ones are mellow. The price is steep, I’d doubt buying them again. I only went for the VG:PG ratio. Seems like 85:15 or 80:20 is a impossible to find considering Indian liquids. Im new here, been vaping most years off good american juices. Will anyone suggest a decent manufacturer? If things stay the same I’d DIY. Say what mad max? You recommend any?

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