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E-liquid Review: epuffs | Discount Coupon inside

Hey folks

Happy weekend to all!

As you all know, Indian vaping market is growing faster than anything. Every week, we get to see/hear lots of surprises and one of those surprises is

For last couple of weeks is what I am seeing, reading and hearing everywhere is

Initially, I thought “OK just another seller” and nothing special about it. However, being a curious guy, I went deep inside about the company and setup and I got to know that this company has 3 founders and one of the folk was founder of Artiface vape whose eliquids I had reviewed couple of months ago. I dint stop here. I went all the deeper and got to know that Artiface vape is taken over by Now that is something. One experienced chef and 2 experienced vapers. Isn’t that a kickass setup?

Now to see if the flavors are really worth it? Let’s go one-on-one with them.

Not to forget, company has sent me sample of 5 flavours for the purpose of this review. Thanks epuffs for that.

  • Crunchberry
  • Vanilla Swirl
  • Loopers
  • Double Apple mint
  • Massacre

Crunch Berry:

When an e-liquid has cruncy or berry term in the name. That liquid always becomes my first pick. If you have been my reader, you must have known this by now. As the name suggest, Crunchberry is one of the finest liquid I have ever tasted. The flavors has a subtle note of milk and berries, balanced perfectly in a nutshell. Trust me when I say this, I have already finished 200ml of this flavor in just 2 weeks.  This flavor has this unique sweet inhale of milk and berries at exhale which I have never experienced before. You need to be a fan of milky flavors to like this eliquid. Kudos to epuffs team for this. Would love to see more flavors on such lines.

My Rating: 5/5

Vanilla swirl :

Next in the line is Vanilla swirl. Out of all these 5 liquids, Vanilla swirl is my least favorite. The reason being, it only tastes well when you have clean taste buds so it’s either in the morning or in the evening when you are sipping in beer. Other times it does not taste well. Certainly not my fav. Not at least on the RTA. I tried this flavor once in the morning and I could taste some complex fusion of vanilla flavors but by the time I used the same tank in afternoon, I could not taste anything. May be this liquid is not meant for Indian population who does not have strong taste buds. There was a huge hype around this liquid by the company that it has fusions of 5+ vanilla flavors with under tones and what not. Guess this hype dint live up to the satisfaction. Anyways, you folks should try and let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

My Rating: 2/5


Looper has always been my love since it was born in the kitchen of Artiface. With this takeover of Artiface, Looper is now a product of As mentioned in my previous review, Looper is mainly a fruit circle based liquid with lots of berries and cream. A perfect juice to start your day with. If you are bored of your regular liquids, please try this one.

Something about fruit circles, it does scratch your throat when consumed in large quantity or if you vape continuously on it. If you get freshly made batch from the company or semi steeped, please try to steep it and keep the bottle open overnight, it will reduce the harshness of fruit loop flavor. Many companies came up with fruit circles flavor but I don’t see anybody closer to Loopers in terms of flavor.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Double Apple Mint:

I have never been a hukka guy. I might have tried it couple of times but never got hooked to it. I see a lot of xing xang about this flavor in the vaping community. You know what I think? THIS FLAVOR IS FUCKING ADDICTIVE. It is fucking awesome. Waaahhh!!! has sent me a 30ml bottle and it was a weekend. You won’t trust, I gulped the entire bottle in just one fucking afternoon.

Bravo epuffs for bringing such flavors. Sweet strong apple on inhale and what a minty note on exhale. Splendid and top notch flavor. Whether or not you are a hukka lover, you SHOULD try it. Fuck the rda, this flavors taste so good on a subohm tank too. If crunchberry is my first love, Apple Mint would be my second. Too good!

My Rating: 4.8/5


I took the description of this flavor from the website of epuffs and it says:

The premium juice offering a brilliant surprise hints of watermelon, pomegrenate and heavens, making it a bloody red massacre. A must try vape with some surprises.

What I could taste from the flavor is Watermelon, watermelon and more watermelon. However the only thing that reminds me of pomegranate is that a scratchy sensation that you get while eating the white seeds of pomegranate fruit. I won’t say it’s bad but it does stop me for vaping the flavor for long hours.

Over all a nice fruity vape with tons of melon flavor and a strong throat sensation.

My Rating: 3.8/5

Overall conclusion:

If you are an Indian and have not tasted epuffs liquids, you are missing out on something very special. I understand that taste is subjective and you may not like what I like. Having said that, epuffs has a wide range of flavors, around 20 and I just tried 5 out of them. There are other tons of flavors starting at around Rs.150 per 10 ml.

What I want to see from epuffs: More of some distinguished eliqs.  I want the company to experiment some new flavors which are not there in the Indian market. Flavors like lychi, peach, cucumber, honey dew melon, cinnamon, guava etc. Would love to see some more innovation and more good stuff.

I wish team epuffs good luck and success in their venture.

Discount coupon:

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