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(Guest Post) A complete guide for you before you head towards an e-liquid store

Vaping has been renowned for few decades past today, but the invention has been made some 40 years ago by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. The invention was actually made with an aim of replacing the traditional cigarettes that are alleged to be harmful to the health. To some extent, the aim is achieved. Vaping machines may resemble traditional cigarettes in terms of look & feel, but they have some unique qualities & features that distinct them from the traditional ones. But what makes them so much different?

The e-liquids are the lifeblood of these vaporizers. Once you fill it with this juice, the atomizers heat it up and produce a sweet vapor that refreshes your body & mind and gives you a sweet taste & smell. So, what to do next? Head towards an e-liquid shop? Well, you definitely can do that, but before, you need to know some things about it.

There are many countries that allow shops to sell e-juices, but finding an e-liquid store in India itself is a quite difficult job. Alike India, many nations don’t permit them to be sold openly. But the online marts specialized for selling vaporizers, e-juices and other things related to them have become the redeemers in this situation. Most of the people give their orders through these online stores and get to choose the best vaping machines there.

The vape shops generally sell loose devices of the entire vaping machines along with the e-liquids. Some vape shops have their customers already set, as most of them were former traditional cigarette smokers, who have switched to vaping now. The e-liquids contain PG or Propylene Glycol or VG or Vegetable Glycerin or a blend of both, vaporizing elements, essence & flavors. According to the e-juice store owners, this combination increases benefits as it doesn’t contain direct tobacco.

But is it quite easy for the sellers?

Having a physical store and selling e-liquids may result in facing a lot of risks for the store owners. Majorly, it depends on the vaping acts of the nations and varies country to country as the rules & regulations also vary. It is very predictable that in a flavor, no matter whatever its name is, there may or may not be tobacco, but there will be liquid nicotine and other vaporizing elements that produce the vapor, which can be harmful to the health. Thus, the number of e-liquid stores in India is pretty less. Moreover, it is also alleged that vaping is dangerous to the youth and it may reduce the brain development of the young generation. All these notions have partially imposed a negative impact on the selling of the vaping machines, which have made the situation difficult for the e-liquid vendors.

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