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Guest Post: Starting your own e-liquid business?

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Hello guy,

I am Wamique Ahmad from Flavour Bender (FLVR BNDR), and today I am here to explain you all that what kind of service we are going to provide you all. So just a little info about me and my team just before we dig into the whole idea, we have already worked for some companies in India, we have an year worth of experience and we fish out the best raw material you can find in this motherland.

We use to work in Artiface Vape which was taken over by epuffs. You may have already tried some of our recipes, we have more than a year worth of experience in brewing and as well as vaping, which is not so much in terms of time but we have learned a lot from our competitors.

Ok so let’s dig in, so the concept of flavour bender is to give a service to you guy that no other company can give you in this country. We wanted to be the first brewing agency of India who can give top notch quality as well as service. I use to get proposals from people like every month to do a partnership for their start-up, so I came up with this idea. A company which brews juice for YOUR start-up! I get it is very hard for a person to start his own juice line, you have to buy all the equipment, raw material, sometimes you end up buying something that you never use and its expensive but you can’t do anything out of it and it goes to waste, I know it’s frustrating been there done that.

My company will brew juices for you, at bleeding edge price, we will just charge for brewing and brewing only, you don’t have to pay extra for concentrates or raw material; we will give it to you at our cost price. We will brew juices in bulk and send it to you, all you have to do is repack it and sell it. You don’t need to buy equipment; you don’t need to spend hours and hours of research just to get the best quality of raw material, you don’t need to go through tedious R&D of month n month, heck some even takes years! We are here to do it for YOU!

The MOQ is 1 Ltr per recipe. The brewing charge is around 2k to 5k depends upon the characteristics of recipe and its exclusiveness. You have to pay for all the logistic and other charges. That’s it guy. We are here for your start-up. YOUR PARTNER IN SUCCESS. For any further queries and all contact me via e-mail FLVRBNDR(at)GMAIL(dot)COM recommend this!

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