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Karnataka has banned electronic cigarettes. What’s next?

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Hello friends,

As most of you are aware that Karnataka has banned the use of electronic cigarettes. A news article around that can be seen here:

Its clearly mentioned that the ban was placed based on the medical research? Now, my point is where is that research report? it should be made available to the public so that awareness can be spread. LOL we all know there is no research report and even if there is, it will still put electronic cigarettes on the safer side when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Now, to all the media, to the government and to rest of the people, i would like to present the research report which was done by UK government. here is the link to it

If this is not enough for you to trust, see this

Some more:

I  also request media companies to do their core job of bringing the right perspective of the things and that is the main reason of your existence at first place. Bringing these things to the public will do help them in saving their lives and kicking the habit of smoking.

What is our responsibility:

Spread the awareness by any means, it can be:

  1. Filing an RTI
  2. Using social media like twitter
  3. Signing this petition
1 Response
  • Vikesh Ludhwani
    June 17, 2016

    Awareness need to be spread, and media should support the ex-smokers/vapers fight for their rights to vape, the truth must be unveiled. #vapingtruth #vapingisthefuture

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