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Lazarus Vintage: Bad Customer Support. Won’t try buying Again.

Hello Desi vapers..

Belated Happy Diwali to you all. Hope you all had a great time. May god bless you with lots of e-liquid ūüėÄ

So guys, i was planning to write this post for a long time but got stuck with other stuff.

This review is not about eliquid quality but the trauma and discomfort i had to go through while ordering from Lazarus Vintage until i finally got a refund.


Lazarus Vintage is premium brand of an eliquid company and is based out of US. The eliquid costs around 24 USD for a 30 ml bottle. I was introduced to Lazarus by one of my friends. I liked the flavor of it and decided to place a group order with them of approx 200 USD.

We had placed an order on 15th September and paid for international priority shipping. In an ideal situation, the parcel should have come to us in not more than 15 days. But it dint ūüėõ BC

There was no update on the shipping till 25th September so finally i dropped an email to them asking about the status on our order. The reply was “Apologies for the situation.¬† I am forwarding this to Greg in shipping so that he can determine what is going on.”

Again, nothing happened. Post this, I wrote another email on 30th September which was:

Dear James,

This is sad and disappointing that even after several days of placing my order, it has not been shipped yet. Moreover, there was no update from your side. There was no explanation on the delay part.
It was my first order with you and unfortunately the experience is not good enough. We are members of Indian vaping community and several of our friends and members have placed our order with you.
Having said that, we are not gonna place any further orders from you and request you to cancel this order right away since you failed to ship the product in 18+ days.
If you are taking 18+ days in shipping a small order. That means you are not doing it right.
Please cancel our order and initiate the refund as we cant wait further on this. Even parcels from China does not take that much time. We will order from VCV.
Now this time, within 20 mins i got this reply:
I m the ceo of Lazarus vintage.¬†I understand the frustration, I place a lot order to a lot different company, sometime things happen, as we look thing 100plus order a day, it show u placed order at the 9-14-2015, and our shipping department show ship on 9-18-2015, we tracked from usps there’s no shipment, in a perfect world we wish the product arrive safely and quickly, but since it’s out of our control once the product pick up by united state postal services, all we can give u is the tracking number. There’s no movement from usps, we don’t know what’s going on with it not that we can do anything about it. There’s other solution, we can send a new package out using ups or fedex to u in our expenses and we can put in few extra bottles for free or if u still feel this is our fault due to usps problem deliver it to you, and that ur community should order from us because we have no control over¬†¬†the shipping company, I be gladly refund you, and some reason usps does finish deliver the product to you, you can keep it and enjoy it. I included the photo to show you prove from our computer system showing us. And thank you very much choosing our products. Have a great day.
Bruce Lau

Ceo of Lazarus vintage inc
There were around 21 emails shared discussing the way around. Even till 7th October, there was no update and by that time my ASS was on full fire. I finally wrote an email seeking refund or ship a new pack. For that, i got a reply which was:

we understand about refund, but for our end we have to make sure it’s not fraud, or misplace item, due to we as a company did sent the product to you. We did have to wait on usps reply back to us with status of where the package is located at but since usps cannot able to provide that information. Do understand we have client ordered from $25.00¬†up to $6000¬†plus international¬†as a retail client a month and over 100 plus products ship a day.¬†¬†We monitor all products if there’s an issue, we often replace the products with no question ask. With that said we were on a waiting reply but we went ahead refund to you.

What ever your shopping experience with us I do apologize with the end reason of a separate company fault, as we already filed complain on our end because they had lost $200 worth of products and made u unhappy. But same time if you feel you need to express ur feeling to ur community and claiming it is our fault please do by all means, which we as a company have nothing but great customer services in the past and today and also future, I hope you have better experience next time with us, and please tell your  vaping community we say hello.
Have a good day.
Bruce Lau
Lazarus vintage corporation
First thing first, its not my problem if there is an issue with your shipping company. If USPS loses a parcel in US, its not my duty to followup with them by making an international call. I can’t and i don’t want to follow up with USPS for my parcel when its being in US. I can take care of it when it reaches my country.
The tracking number clearly says:
The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on September 18, 2015 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available.
Mr. Bruce, you may be delivering 100+ orders worth $6000 everyday but you screwed mine and i was one of those 100 customers. If you can’t deliver a product even in a double or triple time then i am sorry to say that you are not doing it right. No customer is interested in your sales/shipping/order numbers. For any buyer, his product is more important than anything. For your info, here is the status update on the usps. You still have not freaking shipped it. website¬†
With a great brand comes a great responsibility but i must tell you that i have had brilliant experience with all the US/International brands except yours. Brands/Portals like VCV, UKECIGSTORE, OnehitWonder etc. have been delivering successfully to India with an exceptional customer service. No Complains from anyone on any product. Not even a single issue.
May be you don’t look up to India as a great market for your liquid but i must tell you, here in Indian Vaping community, recommendations/reviews spread¬†faster than fire. If there is any brand who fails to deliver, we dont order from them.
On this note, i conclude my review and request Indian Vaping community to not to buy from them as i feel Lazarus has a tough time delivering 100+ orders and after 30 days you only get an apology which is not good enough for the time and money you had invested.
If you have any such experience, please write in the comment box below.
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  • Rajesh
    November 22, 2015

    Thanks for the warning max

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