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My review on Candyman E-liquids | Exclusive discount coupon inside

By Posted on 9 0

Hi folks,

Hope you all are doing great!

So today we will be talking about a company who I have been hearing about for almost a year. This company has last sent me samples to taste in October 2015. That time the liquids were not up to the mark. They were un-steeped, leaking from the bottle and had a very artificial flavor.  I had a long one hour call with this juice maker and gave him my feedback.

Almost after 10 months later this company came back with an interesting name called Candyman Vapes and with 4 juices. Company believes that the juices are premium and are pre-steeped. Which is very much in line with the tagline on the website “Pre-steeped not Pretentious”. You can visit the website at They have a kickass website too.

CandyMan is an Indian e-juice manufacturing company. Gourmet is their first range of liquids and according to them it was created with the intent to fill a market void for high quality organic VG E-Liquid. Their goal as a company is to bring the best and safe possible product to the consumer.

The company claims, “We have spent a lot of time and resources on the research and procurement of very high quality ingredients. The VG that has been used in our liquids is organic and it does gives you a totally different experience as compared to normal juices being sold in the Indian market”.

The company has sent me a sample box for the purpose of this review. Big thanks to them.

Has anything changed in this one year? Does the liquids still taste the same? Is the bottling and packaging up to the mark? Does organic VG really tastes any different than normal VG?

Yeah I had all those questions in my mind while holding the sample box in my hand. Let’s dive in and see what all was there in the box. See below the picture and look how brilliantly the bottles were packed in a nice cardboard tube with child proof seals. It really brings smile on my face just by looking at them.

Company has launched with following 4 flavors:

20160818_132449 20160818_111323

Blueberry Mojito: recommend this! recommend this!

My first pick has always been a cereal juice but this time I chose to pick Blueberry Mojito. Why? Its just the name sounds tempting so could not resist.

You can smell the strong fragrance of Mojito just after opening the bottle. One drag on the flavor took me back to my fav KFC outlet where I used to drink my fav mojito. This liquid tastes exactly the same. The flavor in the liquid is so realistic and a nice subtle cold feel in the mouth on the last note does makes this a perfect blend of Blueberry and Mojito.

The liquid gives you nice and smooth inhale of Blueberry withsubtle koolada and a super strong Mojito at exhale. This flavor is so addictive that it will not let mod slip out of your hand. The liquid has a brilliant mouth feel. I totally recommend this liquid for everyone. Do not miss out on this one. recommend this! recommend this!

Tribeca (Sweetened):

The Next in the line is Tribeca. Tribeca is a special and very close to my heart as it was the first eliquid that I bought when I started vaping. I still remember the strong flavor that it used to give. Tribeca is a very complex flavor and not many companies put their hands in trying to clone this recipe.

When tried Candyman’s Tribeca, it somehow gave me the exact same mouth feel. I won’t say 100 percent but somewhere around 80 percent it is there. This is the best Tribeca clone I have ever tried and it does gives you the same mouth feel that Halo’s Tribeca used to give. The only difference is that Candyman’s version is little sweeter than Halo’s Tribeca.

Whether you have tried Halo’s one or not, one should not miss Candyman’s version. Much recommended for tobacco lovers. Yes, I totally recommend this.

Surreal Cereal: recommend this! recommend this!

Surreal Cereal is a cereal vape and perfect vape to start your morning with. The only difference between this version and other versions in the market is this version is very smooth than most of the others. This can be due to a fact that the juice is max VG or it can be coz of the long steeping process that has made this juice utter smooth and no throat hit all.

Perfect blend of Fruit loops, milk and cream. It’s spot on to fruit loops and is deliciously fruity with a cream exhale.

One thing I did notice that by default fruit loops has this tangy/lime flavor which is sometimes annoying as it does hit your throat while vaping at high temperature. In Surreal cereal that note is very subtle and it does not impact your vaping experience even on a very high wattage.

Definitely recommended for Cereal lovers.

Creme de’ latte

If you are a coffee lover, this is a must try blend for you. Though I am not much of a fan of coffee flavor but this one is kind of different. First. It doesn’t taste like burnt coffee which most of the liquids tasted like when used in the past. Secondly, it has no sharp throat hit. It does taste like a fresh brewed coffee topped with vanilla cream.

The liquid has nice coffee and vanilla at inhale and smooth cinnamon at exhale. Mouth feel and after-taste is great.


Candyman juices are priced at:

15ml for Rs.525

30ml for Rs.900

My Verdict:

The overall experience of vaping on Candyman juices is extremely satisfying. The packaging and bottling cannot be better than this. In terms of overall presentation, Candyman Juices have certainly setup a higher benchmark for rest of the Indian Juice makers. They are really premium in terms of flavors, the overall composition and the presentation.

When it comes to pricing, I feel, Candyman juices are priced into premium segment. I do understand that they have spent a lot of money and resources on the packaging and bottling but still end of the day if a person is consuming 20-30ml a day of juice might be reluctant when it comes to buying these premium liquids.

How about a pocket friendly range with a normal bottling and packaging?

Candyman juices have really changed my perception towards Coffee and tobacco flavors. It’s been almost a year that I have touched these two flavors.

We wish CandyMan good luck for their venture and look forward to seeing some more surprises from their kitchen.

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9 Responses
  • don j
    August 26, 2016

    seems to me your standards have dropped drastically,or somethings wrong with your palate ,since i tried the same juices and they turned out to be total rubbish .

    so it seems to me this sites total bais now

    • CandyMan Vapes
      August 27, 2016


      Flavour is a very subjective thing. It’s sad to see that you did not like any our e-liquids, and what’s even worse is that you never told us about it.
      Please reply with your Order ID and we will make sure you get all your money back if you have paid any.
      P.S. No offence, but not mentioning your name anywhere makes us little sceptical of you being our customer or just a competitor/fan boy, we could be wrong, but the Order ID will sort everything out. “No Reply” will confirm are speculations anyways 🙂

      CandyMan Vapes

      • DHK
        October 18, 2016

        Hey candyman! I was wondering if you can send me miami flavour instead of tribeca if i buy your trial combo pack. I really have a hate for tobacco flavours :/
        have 5 tobacco flavours just lying at my place rn 😛 Ill be happy if you can help me out 🙂 Thanks!

        • CandyMan Vapes
          November 2, 2016

          Sure that can be done, just mention the same at the time of check out in the order notes 🙂

    • Zee
      August 30, 2016

      ok so there is a difference between not liking it and getting butt hurt. take it like a man bro. You don’t like it then its ok buddy but plz dont be biyatch abt it.

      • Bob
        September 2, 2016

        Gotta agree. No need to get hurt like that. Just a personal review from him. I am sure you have alot of fans of your juices so chill.

  • Mad Max
    August 26, 2016

    Ahhh i was expecting this. You can call me whatever you want . Best thing would be connecting directly with the seller and seek for refund or may be highlight the issue. Things that might makes a difference would be our different setups.

    Also my review is my personal experience with the liquids and I dont represent the Indian Vaping community.

    The question, you should ask yourself is “Why would I promote Candyman” I am no way related to them 😛

  • vivek sangeet
    November 12, 2016

    my personal experiance with candy man vapes has been terrific. specially the tribecca and coffee flavours.high five for u candy man vapes.keep up the good work.looking forward to trying your miami flavour .

  • Aditya
    March 22, 2018

    Hi, just wanted to know as to how much is the coil life with Candyman juices.

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