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TFA Flavors Concentrates

By Posted on 4 0

Hi Folks,

I have some Flavor Apprentice flavors which i am putting up for sale. These are imported directly from the vendor and are re-bottled in the smaller sizes in India.

Please read below before ordering:

  • Pick any TFA Flavor for Rs 200 per 10ml
  • Minimum order is Rs. 1000
  • Minimum quantity of any flavor is 10ml
  • Shipping – 150

How to order:

Please join this group and you should be able to contact me.

TFA list of flavors:
Acetyl Pyrazine 5
Apple Candy Flavor
Apricot Flavor
Berry Crunch Flavor
Black Currant Flavor
Blackberry Flavor
Blueberry (Wild) Flavor
Blueberry Candy Flavor (PG)
Bubblegum (Juicy Style)
Butterscotch Flavor
Cappuccino Flavor
Chai Tea Flavor
Cheesecake Flavor
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
Citrus Punch Flavor
Coconut Candy Flavor
Cotton Candy Flavor
Dragonfruit Flavor
DX Red Velvet Flavor
English Toffee Flavor
Frosted Donut Flavor
Grape Candy Flavor
Greek Yogurt Flavor
Guava Flavor
Gummy Candy Flavor
Irish Cream Flavor
Kiwi (Double) Flavor
Lemon (water soluble) Flavor
Lychee Flavor
Marshmallow Flavor
Peppermint Flavor
Pie Crust Flavor
Pineapple Flavor
Plum Flavor (PG)
Rainbow Sherbet Flavor
Raspberry (Sweet) Flavor
Ripe Banana Flavor
Spearmint Flavor
Sweet and Tart Flavor
Whipped Cream Flavor

4 Responses
  • mige
    April 15, 2016

    i want to Make my own e liquid,
    but cannot fine flavor in india
    i have pg and vg both 500ml
    help (how to buy) plz

  • manthan
    March 6, 2017

    hi . i have everything needed to create my own e-liquid but the only thing missing is liquid nicotine. i cant find it anywhere. do u have any idea where i can get it from ?.

  • Satyender
    September 11, 2017

    Where to buy PG & Flavor in mumbai ?

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