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Smoking vs Vaping: My personal experience

By Posted on 3 0

Hey Smokers and Vapers,

Happy weekend to you guys!

I hope you enjoyed the last article i wrote on “How i quit smoking and started Vaping”. Today i am going to share my personal experiences with Smoking and Vaping. Its gonna be more like pros and cons of both. Here is an interesting graphic to start with.


Set a budget 😀

Cost Comparison Vaping

Smoking is cheaper if you are not collecting random vaping stuff just for the sake of becoming a pro on the very first day of vaping. The mistake i made is instead of going from small to large, i directly jumped on the larger side. I wanted everything. Which is wrong. Vaping does not always requires good investment. You can start with a small 5-10 dollars mod which can easy curb your nicotine urge.  Most of the Vapers starts with a starter kit and then with time and budget they move onto something better and powerful. I started vaping around 20 days ago and have spent around 30K INR which is around 500 USD. I guess i went bonkers when i realized that i have not smoked a single cigarette in the last 3 days. Well its very subjective, some people are still Vaping on starter kits for around 6 months. Its more like, the more sugar you gonna put in your tea, the more sweeter its gonna get.

One piece of advise that do not use your credit card. Use debit cards instead so that you can track how much you are spending.

Also it depends on the amount of cigarettes you are smoking a day. Some people were spending more on cigarettes than they are on Vaping. So it does depends upon person to person.

So in this segment, smoking can be a winner depending upon how much you are planning to spend on Vaping mods.

Why you should Vape 😉

Well there are tons of articles online which has already mentioned Vaping as safe but since i am writing down my personal experiences so i would say Vaping is fun. Here are few things i have experienced.

1) Vaping gives you nicotine and suppresses you urge for smoking traditional cigarettes. The best part is, you can control your intake of nicotine through your e-liquids/e-juice. All the juices comes in 3,6,12,24 and 32mg per 10ml so if you are using 1ml of 3mg juice, the amount of nicotine that goes into your body us 0.3mg. There are certain juices that comes with 0 nicotine.

2) Since Vaping doesn’t release smoke but Vapors so neither your mouth  nor your house stinks . Moreover you get tons of flavors in your eliquid. You can try different fruit flavors or beverages or traditional tobacco flavors.


3) A single cigarette contains around 7000 chemicals, most of them are highly toxic and are threat to your life. On the other hand apart from nicotine, e-liquid contains:

Propylene Glycol (PG) – Gives more of a throat hit, simulates the feel of smoke in your lungs more. More people seem to have an intolerance for this than VG.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – Produces a thicker more plummy vapor, and is smooth, almost unnoticeable when vaped (for me at least). It has a naturally sweet flavor so a lot of e-juice companies have been adding it to give a sweet base for their mixes.

4) Since i started vaping i can see a remarkable difference in my lungs capacity, I can run faster than before, there are no nose and chest congestion. I don’t smell disgusting and feel all the more confident. I can vape in my bathroom and nobody finds any disgusting smell there.

5) I have almost everything in my arsenal. Ranging from a small mod to a big mod, varieties of liquids and hence no more expenses of buying 2 packs a day and some chewing gums to hide that stinky smell.  My vape liquids contains all sorts of flavors like menthol, fruits, tobacco. Some are cheap and some are from very premium segments.


So guys these were some of the differences between vaping and smoking. End of the day, you want to stay healthy and active so that you can spend more time with your loved ones and wanna grow old with them.

3 Responses
  • Fazal Khan
    October 16, 2015

    I wanted to know more about E-Liquids. Like you I’ve spent already a lot of cash on swapping Vaping for Smoking.
    I love what you’re doing here.
    I am 23 years old, and I was a chain smoker, I would smoke a pack of cigarette(20) every day, and I did it for good 6-7 years. I’ve tried quitting so many times and I’ve failed miserably, I guess the sensation of inhaling and getting a throat hit cannot be replaced by some gum or patch.
    I tried an e-cigarette, a very basic one, it came with a battery and cartridges and i honestly found it stupid, didn’t switch to vaping yet.
    But then i found a very basic clearomizer and a bottle of e-liquid in my father’s desk, i tried it, and after a few hits i started liking it, but it wasn’t even close to the sensation I get from smoking. I researched a lot, and found out that EGO series had a far better vapour production and throat hit, I ordered it, and since then I’ve never touched a cigarette.
    My current equipment is a Vapros Spinner II battery and a Protank clearomizer.
    The purpose of writing all this down here is to inform a very specific group of people, the ones who’ve tried switching to vaping but have failed only because the sensation wasn’t as good as a cigarette, as the author says, try bigger batteries, more e liquids, and I’m sure you’ll never want a cigarette again.
    I’ve already dropped down to 6mg Eliquids.

  • Rob
    January 17, 2016

    Great article, thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin@Vaporjuice
    May 16, 2016

    E-cigarettes work through heating a solution to turn it into vapor. Since this doesn’t involve any combustion, it doesn’t produce any ash. When you switch, you can get rid of the stinking, ash-caked tray overflowing with butts.

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