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What kind of vaper are you?

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Hey Vapers,

Salam/Namaste/SSA/ Kem Cho. I am back again with something interesting. I hope you enjoy this new topic “What kind of Vaper are you?” This is more like a humor post and whatever i say here does not have any resemblance to persons living or dead =))

Its been a long time that I have been vaping and in my journey, I met a lot of people who were experienced, budding vapers, people who are technically strong and some are just good for nothing. I have segregated all these vapers in few buckets. So lets start:

The Godfather

Godfathers, yes you read it right. These kind of vapers are limited and are atom bomb of information. Be it technical or non-technical, they have answers for all. They are very busy vapers and you will find them either at dusk or at dawn and not in between. They live for vaping and nothing can slow them down. They are chilled out and happy to be around. At least i got to know a lot of information/guidance from them. From coils to mods and from NETs to eliquid, they know everything. God bless them.

The Reporter

Now these vapers are something. They technically dont know much but they know all the prices/launches/discount coupons available. They are always updated with information on discount/pre-orders etc. They can always tell you what website is offering the best deal on what product. These vapers are young, enthusiastic and passionate about vaping. Since they are young/college going, they have enough of time browsing through the websites and provide you with the bestest of deals. I really like them and they are always ready for a good chat. God bless them too.

The Collector

Yes i want this! Vapers fall under this category are kind of mad about mods or have some sort of disorder. Their buying spree never ends. They want everything. They phucking wanna buy FT. They are obsessed with mods/tanks/coils/juices. Usually the richer class falls in this category.

The Chef

These vapers are chefs….. not literally…. but they cook eliquid. They are very limited in number and they are very very busy people. They are only around when they have a new batch to sell. Well, that is the nature of their work so cant complain.

The LalitaPawar

LOL! Indians will relate to this name. No offence but there are many lalita pawars in our Indian Vaping Community. They are good for spreading negative energy. Bitching about people is the foremost job of  people who falls under this category. The love to fight and threaten people. Their life revolves around vaping only. Good relationship is not a priority for them but Vaping is 🙂

So guys, hope you liked this article. Write your comments below and let me know what kind of vaper you are.

1 Response
  • Sukhvinder bubber
    December 29, 2015

    I am the lungi wala collector… Waah … With 3 mods and 9 tanks and 1 mouth 2 vape.. hahaha…

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