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Where to buy eliquids and mods in India

Hi Folks,

Hope you are having a great time. I have been thinking of writing this post for a long time. Many a times it happens that a person who wants to start vaping could not get right stuff & guidance, and ends up getting back to smoking. Which is sad and frustrating.

I am compiling a list, which will gives you names of some of the eliquid vendors in India and some vendors from whom you can buy hardware as well. I will also let you know my favorite jucies from these companies as well. So here we go:

Name URL My Favorite(s)
Ejuicewala Jolt wala, Santra Tantra, Banana wala, Cake wala
White Wizard Bastard Custard, Queen of heart
Candyman Vapes Blueberry Mojito, Surreal Cereal
VapeKart GodFather
ePuffs Crunch berry Cereal, Nebula Nectar
Mystic Plumes Not tried anything except for pan flavor which was good.
Rajesh Sharma Under construction Talk of the Town, Go Banana
TYGR TYGR Horchata, Humming Bird, Doncaster, Laxmi
Anarchist Vapors Oh Milk!, Muffin Man
ivape Virginia fire, Turkish Gold


Mods or vaping kits:
Name URL
TYGR TYGR (Starter kits)
ivape (Starter kits)

If I have missed any vendor above, please mention the name and website in the comment section below. I will add it up in the OP.


19 Responses
  • Sukhi
    December 4, 2016

    This is nice bhai. It was time someone compiled this for both new and old vapors.

    • Vape Online India
      December 12, 2016

      Drive Fumes is a USA resource organization that produces Hookahs, organized for Tobacco users and Shisha Fans. They also manage 30+ huge Californian E-liquids that has a enormous guarantee from Cigarettes tastes, Spicey Flavors, Prickling Sweets and Delightful Deserts and packages more. Esmoking can be described as the display of experiencing water steam through a person vape which is 98% more protected as its without tobacco, without tar and without smoke!! Vapers truly get an uncertain fulfillment from a smoke as its give them same smoking and same taste.

  • Imran Saleem
    December 4, 2016 for starter kits, batteries and assortment of gears

  • Rajesh Sharma
    December 9, 2016

    Thank You Mayank Bhai for the mention.

  • Pranjal
    February 10, 2017

    You need to add to that as well we are working hard in delivering the best to the indian vaping community also have a range of e liquids by the name desi vape.

    • Mad Max
      February 10, 2017

      Added. Thanks

  • arbaz
    February 27, 2017 also the best website for buying ejuices or mods

  • Arjun
    March 3, 2017

    You can also add
    One of the best site i have gotten through it really sells authentic stuff at a very affordable rate as well as the eliquids are really good
    And i really like your blogs

  • VapeBoss
    March 18, 2017 has 2 starter kits
    Ijust2 and the ijust s

  • Samarth Shaw
    April 18, 2017

    Your list are updated i think so. But i would like to add one thing more that is vapekart is also an e-liquid suppliers in India who can easily comes under your list. Please add in your list.

    • Mad Max
      May 1, 2017

      Added Samarth Bhai

  • Mehran
    May 10, 2017

    I bought my kangertech subox mini c kit from IVG here in Pune they also sell e liquids their website

  • Nikhil chaudhary
    May 26, 2017

    I recommend only vapemantra for Authentic mods/kits/accesories with lowest rates in india.
    Most trusted online vape store of india.
    Buy with confidence

    • faheem khilji
      August 3, 2017

      thanks alot bro

  • Priyanka
    May 29, 2017

    Litejoy –
    Both hardware and a wide variety of eliquids available 🙂

  • pradeep
    May 30, 2017

    Buying hardware like tank & mods are Risky at mysticplumes. You will receive a defective piece & seller will ask you to send it back, which will never come back to you again. there are no proper communication mode to contact seller, the only way is facebook messenger and for which he will never reply back…
    BEWARE…..Its my personal experience.

  • Praveen
    June 14, 2017

    Hi, had to chime in here. My experience was in sharp contrast to this. I bought both my mod and tank from mystic plumes. Both arrived perfectly fine in unopened sealed packages, sealed by the manufacturer. Both are still working absolutely fine after 4 months. Also bought a Li-Ion charger, batteries and assorted tools, cotton etc. Everything working as advertised. Since i was buying from the heart of the deep south all the way across the land i bothered the seller a LOT both before buying with emails, and after buying with questions and paranoid queries. In every case he responded courteously and professionally and addressed my queries and assuaged my concerns. Gave me both his phone numbers and email and i Watsapp’d him all unearthly hours of day and night and sometimes he was unavailable and busy, but always got back to me within 12 hours in each and every case.
    I consider myself a happy and continuing customer . Great site for buying hardware, has arguably The best prices. the liquids aint to bad either. Thanks.

  • Jurietto X
    October 21, 2017

    I got myself Surreal Cereal and a trial of the Candyman vape basic flavour box (Blueberry Mojito, Banana Pudding, Aamras) because of this blog post. I want to thank you because I’ve left smoking entirely since i had so much material to go by, specially with the kind of e-juices i’d want. I loved my purchases. Still waiting to try Tygr Tygr once my current stash is done with. Any other updated flavours or brands you’d suggest? Since i’m a vaping beginner, I use the Ego AIO device with a 0.5mm coil and so far, the 0.6mg strength works well for my requirements.

    Specially tracked down this post to thank you. Cool Stuff

    • Mad Max
      October 21, 2017

      Hi Jurietto – I am glad that you could give up smoking entirely. That’s a milestone in itself. There is a good news from my side as well. I have recently launched an ejuice company called , i would suggest you to try these juices. We have wide variety of juices from custards to fruits and that is too in an economical price range. You can use the coupon code IMLEGEND to avail 20% discount on your purchase.

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